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All of our passionate, friendly and caring support staff!

William Phillips

Company Director

William Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Rizzuto

Systems Administrator

Callum Parsons

Technical Engineer

Max Robinson

Sales Representative

Elliott Hinksman

Sales Representative

Our Story

Our journey began back in January 2016, originally founded under the name ELHServices by William Phillips. Within the following weeks, ELHServices was swiftly re-branded to ELHostingServices where the company continued selling web hosting to friends and family - all being run from one web reseller account based in London.

Within the first couple weeks into March, the company made the step into game hosting by purchasing just one dedicated node from OVH in Gravelines, France. Following the interest of game hosting services, the step was made to obtain a node in North America, specifically in Buffalo - at which time Avery Johnson joined ELHS to assist with US customer and service management.

Operations continued for the following couple months smoothly, but things began to get mixed up at the beginning of June. On the 1st of June 2016, ELHostingServices made the jump between game control panels, from TCAdmin to Easy-Wi. The move was motivated by the lack of customisation which was being requested in addition to the per-server licensing to operate TCAdmin. With our new game panel, running on Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Windows Server 2012 R2, it allowed us to see a dramatic increase in performance of servers and customer satisfaction. We followed that change by increasing the bandwidth of all nodes we operated to 1Gbp/s.

July 19th, 2016 - ELHostingServices is now a legally registered company operating under a parent organization Encrypted Laser Limited. A new website coded by Avery was launched mid-August that was later replaced by a mobile optimised site commissioned to Vive Digitals who delayed the project by over two months.

Operations continued smoothly through the Christmas period, with plans being put in place for significant upgrades the following year. ELHostingServices decided to release large upgrades as of the 1st of June 2017, to coincide one year from the previous updates.

Updates for June 2017 took four days to process fully and included a brand new site, a brand new game panel, and a massive hardware upgrade. The upgrade of equipment converted all hardware from i7 4790k processors to i7 6700ks which allowed customers to see a significant performance boost while remaining stable.

That is where our story currently is, with major plans being created for the near future expect big things are coming from us.