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Radium League

CSGO Partner

Radium is an Amateur Premier League for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We offer a professional clean playing environment for small teams that are looking to gain experience for playing in tournaments online. Our main event is entitled Prime League which offers a higher prize pool and higher entry fee. Radium as a whole plans to expand to other games such as PLAYERUNKOWN BATTLE GROUNDS & Call of Duty shortly.

Venomous Gaming

GMod Partner

Venomous Gaming was created by Max during the year of 2012. During that year, the switch was made to move from DarkRP to MilitaryRP - after a couple weeks we were reaching around 50 people a day then we finally hit 85/85 people on at once. Months after our initial MilitaryRP opening we got destroyed by a former owner named Cryptic. We reopened to only get hacked a couple weeks later making us lose our player base for a second time. We then reopened again, now averaging around 60-70 people. We plan to stay open, gain more players and to continue roleplaying. If you want to check out our community you may find our links here.

Crix Roleplay

GMod Partner

Crix Roleplay is a Garry's Mod community based on the virtues of creativity, respect, and kindness. We here at CrixRP make sure that all of our staff members are well trained, and are ready to accommodate your needs to help you have a better roleplay experience. Our vision is to revolutionize the way that Garry's Mod roleplay works, and to make sure that the player comes first above all. We currently have 3 servers, two of which average 40+ players a day. We like to make it clear here, that we are a community, not a company. If you would like to learn more you may view our forums here, and our steam group here.



Enjin is a simple and easy to use website platform, targetting specifically Minecraft customers in a feature packed environment. Want to start your own website for your community, but aren't sure on how to install a custom forum software or website on our hosting package? Enjin is designed for users who do wish to choose an advanced route while still being able to offer a clean, professional and nice site for their community members to use. Looking to use their services with a 45 day trial? Get in touch with us through our ticketing system, as for all customers at ELHS, this deal is available!

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