Why We Discontinued TeamSpeak Servers

We would first like to make clear. Existing servers will not be affected! TeamSpeak servers already purchased will continue to run for as long as you keep renewing the service.

With the rise in popularity of Discord and ELHostingServices's adoption to offer support through this platform, TeamSpeak has become less and less popular over the past seven months. As a hosting provider that strives to innovate and provide the latest and greatest services, offering TeamSpeak servers doesn't allow us to do that and makes us feel that we're holding onto the past. We truly understand that some still love TeamSpeak. We pledge to every customer who has an existing server with us that we will continue to run it until the day that you choose to cancel the service. If you never cancel, we'll never stop providing the services to you.

No new servers will be able to be purchased as of the 1st of January 2018.

If you're looking for premium TeamSpeak hosting, a great alternative to ELHostingServices is Emperor Hosting, a hosting provider located in Dallas.
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