Ultimate VPS Servers

Performance. Security. Power. Guaranteed.

Available Locations

Looking to order your performance VPS in a particular area?

New York City

Excellent Uptime

Our outstanding network wide uptime of >99.9%, backed by our Performance & Network SLA, allows you to have peace of mind that your service will remain online and accessible!

Fully DDoS Protected

Here at ELHS, we are acutely aware of how a DDoS attack can impact on you, your business, community or general operations. Every VPS server we provision is DDoS protected!

Superb Networking

Each node we operate is connected to our premium fiber network, allowing for ultra low ping and a stable yet 1Gbp/s or greater uplink to keep up with any spikes in traffic.

Top Tier Hardware

We run our Virtual Servers on I7 6700k's at 4.0 GHz or higher. Whether you run game servers or web servers, we are proud to offer the best performance possible. All VPS servers are provisioned using KVM virtualization; this ensures you get the resources you need without sharing.

Premium Support

Our support team works around the clock to ensure that you receive excellent customer care. ELHostingServices is passionate about providing high customer satisfaction and resolving every support ticket to a high standard as quickly as possible.

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