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Why Should You Pick ELHS?

Resilient DDoS Protection

We have experienced what a DDoS can do to a business, and know that if your site is down you can not only lose current customers but not gain any more! We utilise some of the most trusted DDoS protection providers in the industry to ensure that if your website is hit that it will get back up and stand against any attack ensuring so that your website stays online at all times of the day, no matter the attack size.

Protection Providers Currently Active On Our Network:
Arbor Networks, Corero Network Security and Psychz Networks

Excellent Uptime

Our outstanding network wide uptime of >99.99%, backed by our Performance & Network SLA, allows you to have peace of mind that your service will remain online and accessible!

Public Network Status

No-one likes being kept in the dark about something, so if anything happens to a node or connection within our network you can find live updates & information.

Superb Networking

Each node we operate is connected to our premium fibre network, allowing for ultra low ping and a stable yet 1Gbp/s or greater uplink to keep up with any spikes in traffic.

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